The ethylene absorbent allows to extend the shelf life of fruits, vegetables and flowers by absorbing the ethylene released by the products.

Ethylene absorber is a vegetable hormone that accelerates the maturation of various foods. As they ripen, fruits, vegetables and flowers release ethylene gas, which is trapped inside the container that contains them or the space in which they are stored. In many cases these same products are sensitive to ethylene, and in its presence they accelerate maturation, causing a rapid deterioration of their properties.
Both companies and individuals can use this product to extend the fresh life of food and thus reduce the waste of food removed from the shelves or refrigerators due to its rapid deterioration.
In Sercalia we offer different types of ethylene absorbers that cover different needs. Below you can see the types of ethylene absorbents.

We offer you ethylene absorbers in different formats (absorbent bags, anti-ethylene filters, pads, sheets for domestic use and environmental control systems).

Ethylene. Absorbent bags. Anti-ethylene. Sercalia

Anti-ethylene bag

Ethylene absorbent bags are used to remove ethylene and other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from fruits, vegetables and vegetables. These bags wrap the absorbent product of ethylene with a paper authorized to be in contact with food..

Ethylene filter. Ethylene absorbent. Sercalia

Ethylene filter

Our ethylene filter for environmental air control allows your products to mature more slowly while in the warehouse or in transport. Eliminates ethylene gas from the environment as well as other volatile compounds..

Ethylene absorbent pad. Sercalia

Ethylene absorbent pad

The absorbent ethylene pads allow to extend the life of fresh fruits, vegetables, plants and flowers. Ethylene absorber is easy to handle, complies with European health regulations and has an excellent appearance. The Ethylene absorbent pad is very economical and it will help you to keep your fresh products for longer.

Ethylene absorbent sheet for domestic use. Sercalia

Household use sheet

The ethylene absorber sheet for domestic use allows to lengthen the shelf life of fruits and vegetables in your cupboard or refrigerator. The greenkeeper ethylene absorbent absorbs the ethylene gas, which is the hormone responsible for the maturation of vegetables, thus preventing its consumption time from being shortened.

Ethylene environmental control system. Sercalia

Ethylene environmental control system

Our ethylene environmental control system reduces environmental pollution. Eliminates ethylene gas from the environment, delaying the speed of maturation of food and also reducing unwanted odors.

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