Protecting and controlling goods during transport and export is the way to guarantee the good condition of the products until their reception by the final customer.

It is important to be able to guarantee that the goods are maintained under the same conditions as they leave the factory. In both nearby transport and faraway exports, products may deteriorate if they have not been properly prepared for shipment. There are various devices and materials that ensure good packaging for the preservation of goods during the supply chain.

On one hand it is possible to protect the goods with special materials such as aluminum, VCI anticorrosives or moisture desiccants (both inside the goods themselves and inside the maritime containers for long shipments). On the other hand we have devices to externally control what has happened in the transport: the indicators or the dataloggers.

sector logística y exportación

At Sercalia we have all kinds of specialised products for logistics and export: moisture absorbers, desiccants for sea containers, anti-corrosion products, aluminium and high resistance bags and films, temperature and humidity, impact and overturning indicators, dataloggers, humidity stabilisers and isothermal insulation.

Arcilla desecante. Sercalia

Moisture desiccants

Moisture desiccants allow to absorb the excessive moisture that may be present in the air inside the packaging, whatever the size. There are a variety of desiccants to use depending on the product to be protected. Silica gel and desiccant clay are the most common

We have other specialised moisture absorbers such as: Green desiccant clay, Molecular sieve, Moisture absorbent blanket, Desiccant cartridges, Desiccant plugs, Desiccant tablets and Pressure valves.

Desecante para contenedor marítimo

Sea container desiccants

It is a special type of moisture desiccant designed specifically for the transport of goods in sea container. Thanks to the placement of desiccants inside the containers we eliminate the condensation and we avoid that the humidity penetrates in the exported products. 

Propatech .VCI. Papel anticorrosion VCI.. Sercalia

Anticorrosive with VCI

VCI products generate a small protective film that adheres to the surface of metallic materials ensuring that the oxidation process does not start.

There are different substrates on which VCI anti-corrosion products are supplied: VCI paper, VCI plastic, high-strength stretch film, plastic bags with and without zip closure, diffusers, sponges and VCI oils.

Aluminio film barrera Sercalia

Aluminum Film

Aluminum is the best protector of goods since it completely isolates the merchandise from the outside. In addition it is very resistant to the possible tears that can occur during the manipulation. It can be adapted to any package individually or in a mechanized way.

Bolsas planas. Bolsas zip. Bolsas aluminio. Sercalia

Aluminium Bags

A more efficient way of using aluminium barrier film is by supplying it in bags of any size. There are standard sizes and they can also be made to the required dimensions. This is a way of saving the work of packaging goods in pre-made formats.

We also offer aluminium bags in different sizes and finishes: zip bags, kraft bags, gusseted bags, flat bags. Metallised and laminated.

Stirofilm. film de alta resistencia.  Sercalia

High Resistance film

An alternative option to the aluminum film is the high resistance film. It is cheaper than aluminum and offers better performance than the thermoplastic film commonly used to wrap goods. It is a balance between the cost and the good performance of a packaging material.

Humidity indicators. Sercalia

Humidity and Temperature Indicators

Humidity and temperature indicators facilitate the control inside the packages to know the state of the goods during storage or transport of the same. They allow you to know the humidity between predefined ranges as well as the temperature you have reached (maximum or minimum) during the supply chain.

Indicador de vuelco Tiltwatch XTR Sercalia

Impact and rollover indicators

Indicators make it possible to recognize whether a package has moved or been hit. It is a very common way of controlling the possible incidences during the transport of the goods to know in which point the product has deteriorated.

A wide range of impact and rollover indicators are available: Tiltwatch, Shockwatch, ShockDot, Mag 2000, Omni, Trans-Monitor and Protect A-pack.

Temperature logger. Humidity logger. Sercalia

Data loggers

Loggers or dataloggers are used to control the data of temperature, humidity, impacts, rollovers and geolocation of the goods during the supply chain, being able to know in each moment to what the goods are exposed and their state. There are different recorders depending on the data to be controlled.

There are different data loggers depending on the data to be monitored and a variety of models and brands: Most, Temp U, Shockwatch, Shocklog, Digi-shock, SpotBot, G-view, Logic, MaxiLog, Impact O graph…..

Estabilizador de humedad. Propadyn. Industry. Sercalia

Moisture stabilizers

Moisture stabilizers allow to maintain constant moisture at a desired value over a period of time. It is a very used product in transport of Art works as it can guarantee there are no changes in the enviroment to which they are exposed.

Moisture stabilisers in different formats and sizes available: Propadyn Industry, Propadyn Museart, Prosorb, Artsorb.

Aislante isotermico

Isothermal Insulation

The thermal insulation allows to line containers or cover pallets to isolate the products from the temperature. It is a compressive resistant product, of little thickness and flexible that guarantees a constant temperature during the maritime or terrestrial transports. It can be used both in summer and in winter.

Thermal insulation paper is also available in thermal bags and boxes.

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