Protect your products from humid environments by different types of moisture absorbers: Silica Gel, Desiccant Clay (Activated Bentonite), Molecular Sieve or home desiccant (Sanidry).


Silica Gel is at humidity absorber, dry agent, produced with amorphous silica and comes in the form of a semi-transparent hard granule. As part of moisture absorbers, desiccant silica gel have a great absorption capacity and this varies depending on the environmental conditions.

Desiccant clay or bentonite is a natural desiccant that is activated by specific drying conditions. The desiccant has a great ability to absorb moisture when it is activated, varying according to environmental conditions like Silica Gel does.

The molecular sieve is obtained synthetically from zeolite compounds. It is not just a traditional desiccant or moisture absorbent but it has other types of applications as a filter of different chemical substances.

The home moisture desiccant Sanidry is a dry agent specially designed for moisture problems in closed habitable places: houses, basements, garages, caravans, cars, boats, cabinets, etc. Sanidry Tray is placed in places with little ventilation in which there is usually humidity due to some filtration problem, condensation or any other reason that is generating humidity.


In Sercalia we have other types of specialised moisture absorbers: desiccants for shipping containers, automotive desiccants, desiccant cartridges, desiccant plugs and tablets, pressure compensation valves, active polymer tape and cotton wools.

We also offer different anti-humidity and water repellent solutions with Nano protectors, and hydrophobic effect for glass and textile surfaces.

Silica Gel

Desiccant silica gel improves the protection of the products against possible damages due to humidity, decreasing the dew point in the packaging during transport or storage. Thanks to silica gel packets retains its quality, stability and properties of use that the humidity could modify, vary or destroy. The supply is made both in bulk and in desiccant bags or practical bags. It is also possible to supply tissue that meets the FDA. Thanks to its small size, silica gel packets occupies very little space inside the packaging.

Desiccant clay. Sercalia

Desiccant clay

The clays and their tissues are selected to guarantee the quality of their products in terms of resistance and high levels of absorption. This desiccant can be supplied in desiccant bags, desiccant packs, chains and panels with standard fabric or in compliance with the FDA. On request it is also possible to include a humidity indicator on the packaging to know when to replace the desiccant clay.

eco-sustainable desiccants. Sercalia

Eco-sustainable desiccant clay

Green desiccant for absorption are an effective and safe solution to avoid damage caused by variations in humidity and temperature during the transport and storage of your products. This eco-sustainable desiccant is produced with natural raw materials and a biodegradable nonwoven fabric, they are perfect for protecting and reducing the level of humidity in the packaging while respecting the environment.

Molecular Sieve. Sercalia

Molecular sieve

These desiccants are ideal when there is a need to absorb moisture very quickly. It is because they absorb molecules based on the principle of polarity difference due to electrostatic attraction as they have a uniform porous structure that allows the separation of the molecules by size. Molecular sieve is a dry agent supplied in bags or bags for disposal in packaging.

Moisture in the house. Sanidry. Moisture absorber. Sercalia

Sanidry. Desiccant tray. Dehumidifier

Sanidry tray moisture packets to remove humidity in your home, boats, caravans or cars with Sanidry trays in a comfortable and practical way. This dehumidifier dry desiccant can be used in a wide variety of closed places with little ventilation.

desiccant bag with a hanger. Sercalia

Maritime container desiccant

Desiccant trays and desiccant  hook bags to reduce the relative humidity in sea containers, keeping it below the dew point. These desiccants are composed of calcium chloride and other additives.

Desiccant cartridges. Sercalia

Desiccant cartridges

Desiccant cartridges protect your instrumentation, optical or electronic equipment from moisture, corrosion and microbial populations. Desiccant cartridges are ideal for military, aviation applications in very waterproof environments.

Desiccant tablets. Sercalia

Desiccant tablets

Desiccant tablets are an innovative alternative to capsules or desiccant bags. Formed by a specific amount of desiccant active polymer. Ideal for the pharmaceutical, laboratory and food industry.

Reversible humidity indicator. Sercalia

Adsormat desiccant plugs

ADSORMAT desiccant plugs allow adsorption of ambient humidity when using adsorbent containers. They also include reversible humidity indicators.

pressure equalisation valves. Sercalia

Pressure equalisation valves

Pressure equalisation valves adjust for any pressure difference and prevent damage to stored or transported products due to internal or external overpressures.

Cotton balls. Absorbent. Sercalia

Cotton balls

Cotton balls and  cotton coils for pharmaceutical and food use. A safe, non-toxic filling with impact resistanc moisture abosrber for product protection and packaging. Coils are available in other fibers: rayon and polyester.


automotive cooling bags

Automotive desiccant bags

We offer desiccant bags for automotive refrigeration and for provide expert protection against moisture problems associated with air conditioning systems, electric vehicles, and alternative engines.

Active polymer tape. Sercalia

Active Polymer tape

The desiccant solution for when there is virtually no space for the absorbent. The desiccant active polymer tape can have different sizes to fit anywhere you want to use it.

Water repellent for glass. Sercalia

Water repellent

Complete range of water repellent nano protective products. Anti-humidity solutions for glass surfaces and various types of fabrics.

absorbent blanket. Sercalia

Moisture absorbent blanket

Absorbent blanket to protect goods from moisture. It acts as a waterproof barrier so that the goods are not damaged by moisture.

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