Odor absorbers and Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) allow to improve the air conditions and improve the environment of the different spaces of your home or your industry.

Unpleasant odors are a drawback to the well-being of your home or your business. Nowadays there are a proliferation of products that try to eliminate undesirable odors by adding other perfumed odors. On the other hand, we offer odor absorbers a proven system to absorb the odor, making it disappear and thus sanitizing the space in which it places the odor absorbent.

In the same way, if your industry generates Volatile Organic Compounds, this can result in an unhealthiness in the workspace or production. Many of the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are air pollutants, such as aldheidos or alcohols. But VOC absorbing systems also remove microbes, bacteria or other pathogens from the air.

With these odor absorbers, a pure, fresh environment free of suspended particles is achieved.

In Sercalia we offer different types that cover different needs: Odor remover bag, volatile organic air purifier, ionizer and eco-bionizer, antiviral viruprotect and deep cleaning surfaces.

Anti-odour. Odour absorbing. Sercalia

Odor remover bag

The odor remover bag eliminates unwanted odors in closed spaces of your home such as wardrobes, the pet space, the garbage closet, the garage, or in other places such as vehicles or lockers.

Volatile organic air purifier. Sercalia

Volatile organic air purifier

The Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) purification machine decreases environmental pollution. It eliminates possible microbes, fungi, yeasts and other bacteria that may be in the air of your industry or facility.

Joybion. Air purifier. Eco-bionizers. Sercalia


Ionizers Eco-Bionizers a 4-stage air treatment system, filtration, purification, ionization and energization of the environment, in your home and office. Kill viruses and bacteria without ozone.

Viruprotect. Antiviral. Antiviral protection. Sercalia

Antiviral Viruprotect

Viruprotect is an antiviral protection for face masks and fabrics that inhibits the growth of viruses and bacteria, permanently and immediately. A waterproof protector that is applied to the exterior of the mask and to new or clean fabrics.

Surface cleaner. Tecnadis santec total. Sercalia

Santec deep cleaning surfaces

Tecnadis Santec Total is a sanitizer for a deep and effective cleaning of all types of surfaces. Eliminates any type of contaminant with immediate effect.

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