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Propasec moisture desiccant clay bags for transporting goods. Allow transporting goods in humidity conditions thanks to its high adsorption capacity.

Desiccant bags. Desiccant. Propasec. Drying agent. Sercalia

Description of desiccant clay

The activated desiccant clay or bentonite clay is a naturally occurring porous material. Clay is extracted and used as active desiccant to drying. Dessicant bags are an economical and effective product under normal conditions of temperature and relative humidity for moisture adsorption.

Inside the packaging, the desiccant packs are very effective and safe to reduce the level of internal moisture in the packaging. The desiccant clay are produced with natural desiccant, safe raw materials for the user and for the environment, clays and their tissues are selected to ensure product quality in terms of strength and high levels of adsorption.


Use of desiccant

Currently clay desiccant packs is one of the most used for the transport of goods products. Desiccant bags uses are generalized for most sectors in which there is movement of goods and want to ensure the health of the products transported and are not damaged by the presence of moisture.

Thus, the most common applications of desiccant packs are:

  • Electronic and technological material
  • Electric equipment
  • Feeding
  • Medical devices
  • Optical instruments
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • School Supplies
  • Refrigeration
  • Industrial packaging in general


Specifications of desiccant bags

Request may also include a moisture indicator on the packaging to know when to replace the desiccant clay.

Desiccant bags do not contain DMF.


Supplies of desiccant clay

It can be supplied desiccant clay Propasec in desiccant packs, desiccant bags, strings and panels.

We have the clay approved for different automotive manufacturers, such as Renault.

Supply desiccant bags Tyvek type (Class B) is also possible, in compliance with FDA specifications for direct contact with food or pharmaceuticals.

Desiccant bags. Desiccant. Propasec. Drying agent. Sercalia
Ask for budget. Sercalia
Buy desiccant. Dry agent. Propasec moisture desiccant clay bags. Conservatis
Bentonite. Desiccant packs. Drying agent. Propasec panel. Moisture absorber - Sercalia
Desiccant bags. Drying agent. Bentonite clay. Moisture absorbers - Sercalia
Desiccant packs. Drying agent. Desiccant clay bags Propasec in chain. Bentonite.
Desiccant bags. Drying agent. Desiccant clay bags Propasec in chain. Bentonite.

1. – BENTONITE CLAY. DESICCANT BAGS. DESICCANT PACKS. MOISTURE PACKETS. There are different weights and measures of desiccant bags, according to his Drying Units (UD) of the Standard NFH:

DIN-MIL NFH Indicative Net weight (*) (gr) Size bags (mm) Size bagsTyvek (mm)
64 UD 4 UD 2260 200×350 Not available
32 UD 2 UD 1130 200×240 Not available
16 UD 1 UD 565 160×220 160×230
8 UD 1/2 UD 283 160×160 160×170
4 UD 1/4 UD 142 95×150 95×160
2 UD 1/8 UD 71 95×120 95×130
1 UD 1/16 UD 36 70×130 70×140
1/2 UD 1/32 UD 18 70×100 70×110
1/3 UD 1/50 UD 12 70×85 70×95
1/6 UD 1/100 UD 6 40×85 / 55×85 40×95 / 55×95

(*) To calculate the indicative weight we use a clay with an average absorption of 17%.

Drying agent. Desiccant clay bags Propasec in chain. Bentonite.

2.- BENTONITE. DESICCANT PANEL. The units of measure, weights and indicative sizes of panels are:

Bags per panel 4 x 4 = 16
Size bags 82±5 x 70±5 mm
Complet panel size 330±20 x 280±20 mm
Complet panel weight (bentonite+fabric) 200 g ± 5%

Contact with us what kind of desiccant packs is suitable for packaging or shipment to be made.

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