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AIRmove fill-air packaging systems for bubble and inflatable air bags for small shipments and packaging protection.

AIRmove . FILL AIR PACKAGING. Air cushion. Sercalia

Description of AIRmove fill-air packaging systems

AIRmove fill-air packaging systems are the perfect solution for small and medium packaging needs with airbags, inflatable bags and air bubble bag machines (from 100 to 300 shipments per day).

We have 2 machines, Airmove and Airmove2 and their respective coils.

AIRmove is the most economical air bag filling machine. Recommended for cadences of up to 100 daily shipments. Protect your products from vibrations and shocks. Thanks to it, you will be able to fill in the empty spaces, wrap and fix the products in their packaging. This ensures that your shipment arrives in perfect conditions.

Its system allows the production of 3.5 meters of plastic per minute. Besides, the volume and temperature can be easily adjusted to guarantee the good sealing of the air bags.

This machine has 2 types of compatible plastic film: simple air bags and cushion bags.

On the other hand, AIRmove2 is a multipurpose machine that allows the manufacture of air bags, cushions with air chambers and bubble film according to your needs. Use it for both small and medium cadences. With it you can make 200 to 500 packages daily.

It protects, fills, separates, fixes and wraps your products inside the packaging, thus ensuring the good quality of your shipments.

In addition, this model is faster, its system produces 10m of plastic filler per minute.

We also highlight its compactness and lightness, as well as being a silent and versatile machine that can be used as a desktop or on a wall mount.

Finally, AIRmove 2 is easy to use and quick start with digital control panel. It has 3 types of compatible air fill: simple airbags, air cushion cushions and bubble bags.



For the AIRmove machine there are 2 types of compatible film:

Simple airbags (20cm wide)
Cushion bags with 16 chambers (40 cm wide). The films are made of polyethylene and are presented in pre-cut 250m reels. of length.
As for AIRmove2, it is a machine that allows fast and direct production at the point of packaging. Likewise, it is easy to integrate into existing packaging processes. The type of film and filling volume is easily adjustable and the film guide is silent. The film output is reprogrammable and is easily controlled with a foot pedal (available as an accessory).

Finally, for the Airmove 2 machine there are 3 compatible air fill types made from pre-cut polyethylene rolls.
Presented in pre-cut reels of 350m in length:

Simple air bags for filling and fixing inside boxes.
Cushion with air chambers or double bag: to wrap and separate products.
Bubble film for wrapping, separating and filling boxes.

AIRmove . FILL AIR PACKAGING. Air cushion. Sercalia
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Fill air  packaging. Airmove. Air cushion. Buy online in Conservatis
AIR Cushion. Packaging system. air pillow. Sercalia
AIRmove. Airmove 2. air cushion. Pillow packaging. Sercalia
Fill-air packaging system. Air cushion. Airmove. Sercalia

Supplies of fill-air packaging systems

We have fill-air packaging systems machines in 2 models:

Model Dimensions Weight Voltage
Airmove witdth 46 x 22 cm height 20 cm 3,30 Kg 220 V
Airmove2 witdth 36,4 x 37 cm height 32,9 cm 6,5 kg 220 V


Airmove 2. Bobinas de bolsas_sercalia

Their respective coils are available in:

Model Type Roll Length Width Perforation Distance
Airmove Void S 250 m 200 mm 120 mm
Airmove Cushion M 250 m 400 mm 250 mm
Airmove2 Void S 350 m 200 mm 120 mm
Airmove2 Cushion M 350 m 400 mm 250 mm
Airmove2 Bubble M 350 m 400 mm 160 mm


Airmove. Bobinas de bolsas_sercalia

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