Healthier environments and free of dirty electricity. Reduce the harmful effects electricity and waves in the human electric field.

There are innovative solutions to neutralize and reduce the negative effects of dirty electricity and electromagnetic waves in the home and other buildings.

Currently, at home and other buildings we use a multitude of devices, electrical appliances, appliances, computers and energy-efficient lights. These devices generate irregular peaks and overload the power grid. They create the so-called dirty electricity, pollution or electrical noise that travels along the power lines where there should be only alternating current.

Dirty electricity interferes with the proper functioning of electronic devices and at the same time also in the natural electrical processes within the human body. So this dirty electricity can be the cause of numerous health problems.


In Sercalia we offer different products to achieve healthier environments, which allow you to significantly reduce harmonics and voltage transients in the domestic power grid. As well, reduce artificial voltages and dangerous currents for the human body transmitted in the environment .

Grounding. Geobionomic grounding point. Sercalia

Geobionomic point of connection to earth and geobionomical mat

The geobionomical mat and the geobionomic point of connection to earth neutralize the unwanted electrical and electrostatic voltages present in the environment. Simply by coming into contact with the material, it reduces the electrical voltage levels of the body by more than 90%. Thus provides multiple health benefits.
Greenwave. Dirty electricity filter. Sercalia

Dirty electricity filter

The dirty electricity filter is used to reduce the dirty electricity present in electrical circuits. This dirty electricity interferes with the optimal functioning of electrical appliances and natural electrical processes within the human body. An effective way to combat electrical pollution that can cause multiple health problems. Easy to use and with immediate results.
Dirty electricity meter. Sercalia

Dirty electricity meter

The EMI Greenwave broadband dirty electricity meter can be used to find out if the dirty electricity in your home or office is higher than desired, to observe the difference caused by the application of a filter and to assist in its installation.

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