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Insulated container and insulated pallet cover to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

Insulated container. Insulated covers. Insulated container. Logiterm. Sercalia

Description of insulated container and insulated pallet cover

Insulated container & Insulated pallet cover keep your products safe from temperature changes and mantain your products at a suitable temperature without the need of special containers. Insulated containers and insulated covers are resistant to compression, and due to their thinness the capacity inside the containers can be at its maximum.

Many products are sensitive to temperature changes during transportation and export, including products such as wine, cheese, chocolate, water, pharmaceuticals, electronics, chemicals, etc. Sercalia has isothermal insulators for 20′ and 40′ containers and pallet covers.

Insulated pallet covers are available in a single use or in a reusable format. Their application can be, for example, isolation of individual pallets in the case of maritime groupage container or air freight, and they are frequently used both in summer and in winter to avoid sudden changes in temperature.

The manufacture of the insulated container is tailored to your needs.


Applications of insulated shipping container and covers

These are some of the products with which isotherm insulators are currently used due to their sensitivity to temperature changes during transport and export:

  • Insulated covers for fruit
  • Insulated covers for wines
  • Insulated sleeves for chemical products
  • Insulated covers for paintings
  • Insulated sleeves for food
  • Insulated sleeves for export
  • Insulated sleeves for air transport
  • Insulated sleeves for maritime transport


Insulated container. Specifications


Material Thickness Weight
PET >12 micron >18.2 g/m2
ALU 8 micron 21.6 g/m2
PE 45 micron 41.3 g/m2
Side total 65 micron 79.3 g/m2


Insulated container. Insulated covers. Insulated container. Logiterm. Sercalia
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Insulated container. Insulated pallet cover. Ask for bugdet - Sercalia. Buy online in Conservatis
Cold shipping boxes. Cold chain. Best way to insluate a shipping container. Sercalia
Insulated shipping container. Insulated container. insulated storage container. Sercalia


1- INSULATED CONTAINER LOGITERM: Flexible insulator in the form of a roll that is used to wrap and isothermally insulate your goods.

Type Measures
Logiterm Insulator 20′ 1.20 x 47 m
Logiterm Insulator 40′ 1.20 x 83 m


2.- INSULATED COVERS: Tailor made covers, suitable for all types of merchandise. They keep the temperature stable during transport.

Base Height
80 x 120 cm // 100 x 120 cm 100 cm
80 x 120 cm // 100 x 120 cm 120 cm
80 x 120 cm // 100 x 120 cm 150 cm
80 x 120 cm // 100 x 120 cm 80 cm
80 x 120 cm // 100 x 120 cm 200 cm

Insulated shipping container and insulated pallet cover are supplied according to the packaging specifications above mentioned. If you want to consult other measures, contact us.

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