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VCI Film for protection of materials against corrosion. The VCI Film adapts to any surface to ensure the good condition of the products during transport and storage.

Anticorrosive VCI Film. Plastic Bags with Minigrip. Sercalia

Description of VCI film

VCI film has the characteristic of having the VCI additive in its composition, since the additive Propatech VCI is added in the molten mass during the coextrusion of the film. The additive then sublimates the plastic, giving corrosion protection properties needed during packaging of metal objects .

It is currently an option widely used by major automobile manufacturers and steel companies as it is a simple and economical solution to protect finished metal products.

The product is coextruded in 3 layers, thus ensuring a high mechanical resistance and that the VCI molecules are arranged in one direction.

It is also a transparent product that facilitates the good disposal of the merchandise in specific positions or with the appropriate supports. In this way, if the goods have to be manipulated afterwards, there is no problem in doing so.

See more information on the Propatech VCI system in our Anti Rust solutions section.

The main characteristic of the standard product consists of coextrusion in 3 layers. It guarantees a greater mechanical resistance and a unidirectionality of the PROPATECH VCI molecules.

The 3 layers of stretch film are divided into:

  • Internal layer: guarantees the immediate protection of the items that must be protected.
  • Intermediate layer: acts as a reservoir of PROPATECH VCI molecules for long-term protection. This layer only comes into play when the inner layer is exhausted.
  • External layer: it has the function of barrier of the atmospheric agents and of containment of the protective action. This layer prevents the PROPATECH VCI molecules from dispersing to the outside, ensuring that 100% of the protective efficiency is developed inside the packaging.

The VCI film complies with TRGS 615 regulations.



The applications of the VCI film are:

  • CKD
  • Automotive components (engine block, transmissions, gearboxes, brake discs, etc.)
  • Steel coils
  • Machinery
  • Metal parts of any kind
Anticorrosive VCI Film. Plastic Bags with Minigrip. Sercalia
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Anticorrosive. VCI plastics. Buy online VCI FILM
VCI film. Anticorrosive film. Coextruded in 3 layers. Propatech. Sercalia
VCI film. Anti rust VCI. Plastics VCI. Sercalia



Density g / cm³ ISO 1183 0,92 ÷ 0,93
Thickness µm ISO 4593 Nominal ± 10%
Width mm Internal Nominal ± 5%
Length m Internal Nominal ± 5%
Burst load (MD) N / mm² ISO 527-3 ≥ 20
Burst load (TD) N / mm² ISO 527-3 ≥ 18
Elongation at break (MD) % ISO 527-3 ≥ 500 (100 µm)
Elongation at break (TD) % ISO 527-3 ≥ 600 (100 µm)
DART TEST resistance g ASTM D 1709-A ≥ 400 (100 µm)
Elmendorf Test (MD) mN ISO 6383-2 ≥ 3000 (100 µm)
Elmendorf Test (TD) mN ISO 6383-2 ≥ 6000 (100 µm)
Permeability (WVTR) (38ºC – 90% UR) g / (m² x 24h) ASTM F 1249-06 3,60 ± 0,30 (100 µm)
Permeability (WVTR) (23ºC – 85% UR) g / (m² x 24h) DIN 53122-2 0,80 ± 0,06 (100 µm)


Film de alta resistencia. Film VCI. Propasteel VCI_sercalia


The VCI film can be supplied in coils, bags, sheets or tube. To make any inquiry or request a quote contact us.

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