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This ethylene filter for environmental air control allows your products to mature more slowly while they are in the warehouse or in transport. It eliminates ethylene gas from the environment as well as other volatile compounds.

Ethylene. Filter. Ethylene absorbers. Sercalia

Description of the ethylene filter

The ethylene filter preserves horticultural products and flowers in the post harvest stage, delaying the ripening of vegetables, fruits and flowers, reducing weight losses and losses of different useful compounds as sugars, vitamins and other which may derived from storage or transportation. In the same way, these filters ensure that the organoleptic qualities of fruits and vegetables are maintained as in origin.

The ethylene filter is designed to protect fruits and vegetables from premature maturation during the supply chain. The product is applied in the recirculation of cold transport equipment to create a modified atmosphere in a natural way. This type of filter allows high breathability thanks to its special granulometry and its support, in addition to its moisture and dust protection. When the air passes through the filters the environment control is ensured, thanks to the fact that in addition to removing ethylene from the air they also eliminate other volatile as germs or pathogens.

The main advantages of this ethylene air control system are:

  • Eliminates ethylene gas from the air
  • Absorbs other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)
  • Preserves the horticultural products and flowers in the post harvest stage
  • Delays the maturation of vegetables
  • Reduces weight loss as well as other useful compounds (sugars, vitamins, etc.)
  • Maintains the organoleptic properties of vegetables
  • Improves compliance with quality regulations
  • Eliminates odors and allows the storage of mixed loads
  • Sanitizes the environment
  • The ethylene filter does not represent any danger to the environment


The main applications of the ethylene absorber are the following:

  • Transportation and storage of fruits and vegetables
  • Food industry
  • Horticulture (flowers, plants and seeds)
  • Widespread use in trucks and containers for fruits and vegetables export. In internal transport it is also very useful to prevent premature maturation of fruits and vegetables
  • Other facilities


This are the technical specifications of the ethylene filter:

  • Rigid plastic mesh tube with moisture and dust protection
  • Volatile absorber are contained inside the filter
  • Absorption of ethylene gas, as well as alcohols and aldehydes
  • Creates a suitable level of CO2 and H2O to slow down the maturation of vegetables
  • Solves the problem of moisture excess in containers that transport goods susceptible to moisture
  • Decreases the microbial load and other pathogens that may be in the environment
  • Packed in sealed plastic bags. The bag contains two clamping flanges for installation
  • Store in a cool, dry and dark place
Ethylene. Filter. Ethylene absorbers. Sercalia
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Air environmental control. Buy online ethylene absorber
Ethylene . Ethylene absorber for environmental air control. Sercalia
Ethylene Filters, ethylene absorbent
Ethylene filters for horticultural products and flowers
Transit time Type of transport 50 cm filters 100 cm filters
10-20 days HC20’ Container / Trailer truck 3 pc 2 pc
30-40 days HC40’ Container 6 pc 4 pc


Ethylene filters for horticultural products and flowers


The ethylene filter for environmental air control is supplied in units:

  • 50 cm filter (boxes with 30 pieces)
  • 100 cm filter (boxes with 18 pieces)

To receive a budget adjusted to your needs, do not hesitate to contact us.

Ethylene. Filter. Ethylene absorbers. Sercalia

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