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This ethylene control system reduces environmental pollution. It eliminates ethylene gas from the environment, delaying the ripening speed of food and also reducing unwanted odors.

Ethylene absorber, Ethylene control system

Description of the ethylene control system

This environmental ethylene control system absorbs as well other Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air such as microbes, fungi and other airborne bacteria that may be present in various areas of your industry such as storage or refrigeration rooms. By removing volatile compounds it also absorbs and eliminates undesirable odors, improving the environment of the space where these machines are installed.

Ethylene absorber can be used to reduce the ripening speed of fruits and vegetables, so that mixed goods can be stored without problems. Moreover, when using this ethylene control system you also ensure that the space is sanitized thanks to the germicidal lamps installed inside the machine.

The main advantages of the ethylene air control system are:

  • Absorbs and removes ethylene gas from the air
  • Reduction of the ripening speed of fruits and vegetables
  • Slowing the ripening of fresh flowers
  • Absorbs multiple Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) from the air
  • Greater environmental security
  • Removes odors
  • Sanitizes the environment
  • Improvement of the comfort of your industry


These are the main applications of the environmental ethylene control system:

  • Food industry
  • Horticulture (plants, flowers and seeds)
  • Spaces or facilities that need a purified and hygienic environment


The technical specifications of the ethylene absorbent air environmental control system are:

  • Absorbs ethylene gas
  • Substantially decreases the microbial load and other pathogens
  • Retains pollen, dust or soot
  • Change filters monthly
  • It is applied according to the needs of the client, taking into account the dimensions of the spaces to be sanitized
  • Very simple installation. It can be installed on doors or windows as an air curtain


The ethylene control system is supplied in pieces. To receive advice on the purchase of this ethylene abosrber, please contact us.

Ethylene absorber, Ethylene control system
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Use of Ethylene absorber, flowers
Use of Ethylene absorber, fruits and vegetables

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