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The use of microspheres in construction materials and techniques has the objective of reducing the weight and price of the raw material. Examples of microsphere applications in construction are Sandwich panels, Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP), concrete and refractory materials.

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Microspheres in construction

The use of hollow microspheres makes it possible to reduce the density and concentration of the different building materials. For high-volume applications, this reduction means using and consuming a much smaller amount of the primary construction materials. Therefore, the use of microspheres also represents a decrease in the final price of the products. One of the most common uses of building materials with microspheres is in Sandwich panels made of FRP (fiber reinforced polymer), in which the thermal and sound insulating capacity of the microspheres in the middle layer of Sandwich panels is used. The use of microspheres in refractory materials and different types of concrete is also common.

Other advantages for which hollow microspheres are used in construction, in addition to weight and price reduction, are acoustic insulation, no need for structural reinforcements, increased rigidity, impact resistance and resistance to high temperatures and fires. It also improves energy efficiency in buildings by being able to improve thermal insulation.

Below we present different cases of application of glass microspheres in construction materials:

  • Low weight concrete
  • Concrete beams and cross members
  • Cement for insulation
  • Roof and roof tiles
  • Exterior wall panels
  • Gypsum joints
  • Chimney lining
  • Window frames
  • Air and fire barriers

Use and supply of microspheres

To use microspheres in building materials, the manufacturer’s recommended mixing instructions should be followed.

At Sercalia we have different types of microspheres (you can check their specifications here). If you want to make a budget, consult a specification on the application of microspheres or would like us to advise you on the type of microsphere that best suits your needs, please contact us.

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