Humidity fluctuations cause products to deteriorate, whether in food, industrial products or cultural goods. Moisture stabilizers allow you to maintain humidity in a certain range.

Moisture stabilizers are ideal for maintaining relative humidity in a specific humidity range to avoid deterioration in products. They are able to achieve this since, when the humidity rises above a certain threshold, they react quickly by absorbing water vapor from the environment. Similarly, when the relative humidity drops below the threshold, they release water vapor into the environment to increase the relative humidity value.

Moisture stabilizers can be used in all those closed spaces in which you want to keep humidity at a specific value: conservation of works of art, food industry, pharmaceutical industry, military industry, etc.
At Sercalia we offer different types of humidity stabilizers that cover different needs (different ranges of relative humidity). You can consult them below.
Moisture absorber. Propadyn Museart. Control humidity. Sercalia

Propadyn Museart

The moisture stabilizer PROPADYN Museart allows you to control humidity by keeping it at a certain desired value to protect and safeguard works of art from deterioration. Faced with a rise in humidity, the product reduces it by reacting quickly. In the opposite case, when the humidity has dropped, it is able to release humidity to leave it at the desired value.
Humidity stabilizer. Dehumidifier. Propadyndustry. Sercalia


Changes in humidity cause deterioration in many products, both in food, industry or cultural goods. The Propadyndustry moisture stabilizer achieves control at a specific value.
Prosorb. Moisture stabiliser. Sercalia


The Prosorb moisture stabilizer allows you to control humidity by keeping it at a certain desired value between 30 and 60% relative humidity. Due to its large internal surface and its ability to absorb and release water vapor from the environment, Prosorb can maintain a stable relative humidity.

Artsorb. Sercalia. Moisture stabiliser


Artsorb Moisture Stabilizers allow you to control relative humidity by keeping it at a desired value between 65 and 75% (or 50% using the stabilizer sheets). Due to its large internal surface and the ability to absorb and emanate water vapor from the environment, Artsorb is able to maintain a stable high relative humidity. It also contains lithium chloride as an additive that allows it to reduce humidity in environments with higher values.

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